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Friday, 4 April 2014

It's that time again!

Currently preparing this years Health and Safaty day info. Members of Troserch woodland group will shortly be carrying out a full site risk assessment, facilities inspections and a tree safety inspection. This is all done to keep users safe and to make site the site is ok.
If you want to join us come along to the work party on 12th April, meeting at 9.30 in the car park.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spring Update 2014

Dear Members

This month spring came to Troserch Woods as it has done for hundreds if not thousands of years. Some may even argue millions of years since there is evidence of trees at this location from 350million years ago in the form of fossilized tree ferns. They are easily spotted in the rocks of the river bed, or on the corner of the main track from the roundhouse to the river as it turns sharp right towards the two bridges. Look for indented stripes or marks resembling pineapple skin.
Spring flowers carpet the woodland floor; Anenomies, Lesser Celandine and Wood Sorrel are abundant, following on from Snowdrops and Daffodils and preceding the Bluebells to come in April and May.

This spring I discovered flowers on hazel stems, not the lamb tail catkins we are all familiar with, but tiny bright red stars on buds on the stems away from the catkins. These are the female flowers to the male catkins. I’d never noticed them before and if red flowers on catkins are new for you, don’t worry they’re still there – if you can spot them.

This month the woods are full of birdsong. Early morning and evening are best but you will hear trilling, soaring notes at whatever time of day you visit Troserch Woods. It takes skill to pick individual species out but with some practice it can be done. Easiest are woodpeckers and owls, buzzards and chiff chaffs. There is a huge range of bird species in the woods, going for a walk with a good guide is a truly ear-opening experience.

Over the winter months TWS volunteers have been working in the woods creating paths, picking litter, building stiles and clearing fallen trees and planting trees. There is always much work to be done and all help is welcomed. Behind the scenes committee members carry out the inevitable admin and attend meetings to discuss, plan and review the working parties and much besides. We now have a blog site, just put troserchwoods into google to find us.
This spring we are in need of a Treasurer to take over from Richard who has done a brilliant job since TWS began. Anyone interested should get in touch and or come to our next committee meeting.

Best Wishes Jan Secretary

Monday, 17 March 2014

New style completed

Many thanks again to Ben for all his hard work in completing the style along the path on the north-east side of the river - it is a work of art! Our sincere thanks also to Mr Geraint Thomas of Tyreglwys Farm for allowing us to put up the style in the first place. This route has always been a problem for him in the past as some visitors have left the gate open allowing livestock to wander into the woods. Hopefully this will not happen again as the gate can now be locked and visitors can experience the thrill of using Ben's new style whenever they use this route into the woods.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Some Recent Changes

Give Way!
 Some new signage for the woodland, the mountain bike trail now has some proper signage so riders and walkers can get along incident free, hopefully. These signs really catch your attention among the mossy trees and ferns.

Free flowing
 The east side footpath after the two bridges has had a tough time lately, the drainage pipe became blocked, silted up and diverted water down the footpath causing quite a bit of damage. Now the pipe is unblocked and the small stream is flowing nicely in to the river Morlais. 

Squeeze through

Motor bikes are constantly causing damage to the woodland which we have to fix, Trials bikes are the most common and thanks to a few undaunted locals the woodland see's less of them. This is a squeeze gate, it's located downstream of the ramblers steps and is a bold statement that motor bikes are not allowed in the wood. It's made out of douglas fir from the wood and there's plenty of room for your dogs to pass underneath.

Blue bell site

The last working party in the woods was a dry one, we cleared three patches along the byway for the bluebells to flourish, picked a couple of bags of litter and unblocked two more drainage pipes. The snow drops are out along the river Morlais so the bluebells shouldn't be long now.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

How's it looking?

Anyone been up to the woods this week? Are there a lot of trees down? Not looking forward to having a look around.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

More Dumping again!

More Dumping again!

There was another load of waste dumped in our woods again complete with builder's bags. It seems to be becoming a regular site for some idiot. I'll let the council know tomorrow as well as the police. Don't know what they can do but we'll see. 
In the meantime let's think hard about that camera!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Members of the TMI Group visit woods.

Members of the Troserch Mindless Idiots Group have made a few visits to our woods recently. Some mindless idiots have dumped  a  huge bag of building rubble alongside the bye-way and others have dumped rubbish at the top of Old Josiah Hill which has now been blown everywhere.

 Could any of our more sensible visitors keep an eye out for anything they feel is suspicious and let us or the police know.